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Terms And Conditions

Landmark modules are supplied free of charge to end users of IBMi (AS400 or iSeries), who are using the software to support their business processes.

The following conditions apply

  • Each module must be registered with KDP using the registration page even when source is purchased.
  • Systems integrators (software houses or program developers) must apply to KDP in order to integrate any module with their business solutions. A registration fee will be applicable per installed system.
  • KDP Software Limited retains sole rights to the software.
  • KDP at its discretion will enhance the software where applicable.
  • KDP will retain the rights to any modifications made to the modules by KDP and at its discretion include them in the base modules.
  • KDP will at its discretion charge for additional modules over and above that which is published on the Web free of charge.
  • The software is not used for hire, rental, subscription or re-selling unless otherwise agreed by KDP Software.
  • Where source is not purchased, the User agrees not to de-compile or disseminate the object code.
  • The software is supplied as it is and KDP will accept no liability whatsoever.
  • KDP reserves the right to decline the use of this software for whatever reason.
  • In downloading and installing the software the user excepts these term and conditions and the terms of the license agreement here.
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