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Purchase Ordering

The Purchasing module offers a complete interface to the Inventory Management module or will run on a stand-alone basis.

This module offers on-line entry of purchase orders and receipts updating the stock files on a real-time basis. Any number of text lines can be added to a purchase order and can be printed on either the purchase order or the receiving list or both.

Flexible reports offer details on outstanding purchase order positions. A commitment summary by general ledger account keeps accounts departments aware of current and future commitments.

A daily goods ordered report and stock received report are printed as and when required. On-line enquiries offer up to the minute information on all aspects of a purchase order.

The system supports a supplier item file for recording supplier specific costs and descriptions. Up to four quantity break prices can be defined for supplier specific quantity breaks. The same item can be stored for multiple suppliers making comparison and enquiry simple.

Masterfile maintenance

The following masterfiles are supported by the purchasing system:

  • Supplier name and address. If supplier details are different to those held on the purchase ledger the relevant details are stored in this file.
  • Warehouse addresses. All warehouse addresses are stored for use on the purchase order allowing a 'ship to' default.
  • Supplier items

When buying the same item from different suppliers the supplier item file allows for storing of supplier specific item details such as:

  • Suppliers item number
  • Suppliers item description
  • Inventory conversion details
  • Cost prices
  • Fixed order quantities
  • Weights
  • Suppliers unit of measure

Purchase Order Entry

The purchase order entry program allows the user to override any 'order from' or 'ship to' details as required. Text is fully supported at header and line level enabling the user as much flexibility in describing what is to be ordered.

Purchase orders can be entered for items held on the inventory system and/or for any miscellaneous items required. Once a purchase order has been entered the supplier number can be amended and the system will re-allocate any supplier specific details.

Purchase order receiving

Purchase orders can be received in whole or in parts. Receipts can be directed to other warehouses other than the warehouse originally specified at order entry.

The user also has the option to key the latest receipt price which is then recorded on the inventory system for use in reporting.


The Purchasing module supports the following reports:

  • Receiving reports (by purchase order)
  • Goods ordered reports
  • Goods received reports
  • Outstanding order reports
  • Commitments summary
  • Purchase orders
  • Goods received notes
  • Payment register

Interface to Inventory Management

When items are ordered the item number and warehouse details are checked on the inventory system if the inventory files exist. As items are received the relevant stock records are updated.

The purchasing system supports the following elements on the inventory management system:

  • On order figures
  • On hand figures
  • Date of last purchase order
  • Date of last receipt
  • Last receipt cost
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