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To download the Inventory and Purchase Order software take the following steps:

1 Read the terms and conditions
2 Read the licence conditions
3 Download and install the software Contact us for the V5R4M0 - V7R1M0 version
4 Apply for the software key Here all we need to know is your serial number.

Please note

The files are ZIPed. You will need WinZIP to unpack them.The download version is for OS/400 V4R5M0 and upwards. See the FAQ for more information

When the software has finished downloading, it must be un-ZIPed and installed on the AS400

You will find install and getting started instructions in the zip files

Without a valid AS400 serial number we cannot send you a key. Without the key, the software will not run !

If you send an incorrect e-mail address you will not receive your key - only because our server will not find you !

Updates And Fixes


LandMark has gone through some significant changes they are listed below:-

  • The item number has been increased from 15 to 20 bytes
  • The unit cost has been increased from 4 to 5 decimal positions
  • The date format is now user defined - DMCCYY or MDCCYY
  • The date separator is now user definable
  • Errors in receiving have been corrected
  • Errors in some reporting have been corrected


There has been a major change to LandMark - all RPG has now been converted to ILE RPG. Anybody wishing to use the new version is advised to create a fresh install and copy all the data from the old data library to the new one.


Compiled to V5R4M0 so as to be V6R1 Compatible

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