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The questions and answers page is a compilation of previous support incidents. It will be updated as incidents are resolved.

Q Will the software run on Windows?
A No. An AS400 is an IBM midrange computer. This is not a PC.

Q How do I see my AS400 serial number
A Enter 'DSPSYSVAL SYSVAL(QSRLNBR)' at the command line.

Q Where can I find installation instructions?
A Each downloaded zip file contains a 'Getting Started' file

Q When will Sales Order Processing become available?
A The Sales Order Processing module has been put in HOLD until we get some real interest

Q What OS/400 versions do you support for RISC?
A V4R5M0 and upwards

Q What OS/400 versions do you support for CISC?
A Landmark is only written for RISC.

Q Will the software work without a key?
A No. If you do not enter the relevant serial number on the download form, you will not get a key. Thus, you will not be able to run the software

Q When I try and run Landmark I get signed off - why?
A You need to sign on as QSECOFR and follow the install instructions pertaining to menu security and User Security.

Q Why, when I receive purchase orders, does the on hand figure not get updated.
A Make sure you have activated the Inventory interface on the IPS company file.

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